Under The Moon

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Under The Moon

Student Name:  Madeline McCluggage

Teacher Name:  Nate Greenwood

Building/Grade: Junior High,  8th

Title:  Under The Moon

Status:  Leased

Approx. Frame Dimensions: 19.5×25.5



Artist Statement:

I really like art because it’s a form of self-expression.  It’s a creative outlet that everyone can gete behind.  You don’t need to be “good.”  I mean Picasso was famous for painting like a kid.  Art is incredible.  Just being able to see everyone’s interpretations of things is so interesting to me.  Art is one of those special things that has been cherished for generations, and it should continue for thousands of years to come.  It’s a way to defy everything you know, and because of rebellious human nature, it will always exist.  I painted this particular project in the style of Franz Marc.  I love the wild use of color and fragmenting of the wolf and background.  Value changes are important to show depth in it.